Multi-Sport Fitness Expo | Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2020

“Find your inner superhero.” Whatever your fitness goal, the Legion Sports Fest, fitness expo, will help you get there with inspiration, education & participation.

Seminars for every goal. Get a bit more fit or become an elite athlete. Each seminar will include the fitness industries experts from diet gurus to Mr. Olympia! Unlimited access with your Premier Ticket.

Hundreds of Vendors with all of the latest supplements, products, and deals to help you fast track to your goals. Meet celebrities from OG bodybuilding legends to ttoday’s huge social stars.

Multiple Sports. IFBB Legion Masters Championship, a SIX Division IFBB Pro League Contest, IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, strongman, powerlifting, functional fitness, roller derby, armwrestling, kickboxing, weight lifting & more.

On October 31 & November 1, 2020 at the Long Beach Convention Center, the fitness party will begin. DJs, food, social media stars, red carpet, entertainment; it’s a social media explosion that is THE place to be if you have any part in the fitness world.

New. Different. And a freaking blast.


2,500 athletes across TEN HUGE SPORTS. The Legion is headlined by SIX IFBB PRO LEAGUE Bodybuilding and Fitness Divisions & the IFFBB Pro League Legion Masters Championship, bringing in the best physique athletes in the world. The West Coast’s authority of powerlifting brings you the USPA SPORTS FEST OPEN. Strongman Corporation hosts AMERICA’S STRONGEST MAN & WOMAN. Ready to test your functional fitness? Battleground Events hosts the biggest function fitness event in California FALLOUT. ARMWRESTLING by the USAA. Plus WEIGHTLIFTING, ROLLER DERBY, ARMORED COMBAT, KICKBOXING, and MMA.

Legion Sports Fest Battleground Fall Out Sports Fitness Expo

SECOND, Be IN the Action

Try out hundreds of new supplements, food, equipment, and technology from over 200 vendors.

THE BLACK FRIDAY OF FITNESS! Gold Saturday and Silver Sunday deliver you insane deals on fitness deals of up to 75% off. You’ll basically make money by coming to the Legion! Companies will have select products in limited supply during the first 2-hours of each day. Get in early to get the goods. PLUS, collect our IFBB Superhero trading cards to get in on thousands of dollars of free supplements, gym gear, and NPC show registrations and tickets. Click here for more details.


Looking to gain knowledge?

Two Main Seminars

Saturday – Best You Seminar

Looking to burn some fat or add muscle? Live a longer and healthier life. Have more energy, motivation, and stamina; perform better in all aspects of your life. Be the best version of you! Seminars will cover healthy eating, training, hormones, and lifestyle with some of the top gurus in fitness!

Sunday – NPC/IFBB Stage Ready Seminar.

Looking to take your fitness to the bodybuilding stage? We have gathered up the top IFBB Pros and bodybuilding experts in the world who will give you the knowledge to shortcut your competition career to first in class!

Seminars include Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, Mr. Classic Physique Olympia Danny Hester, Mr. Men’s Physique Olympia Mark Anthony, Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray, Ms. Fitness Olympia Oksana Grishina, Ms. Fitness Olympia Whitney Jones, Women’s Bodybuilding World Champion Helle Travino, Ms. Bikini Olympia Ashley Kaltwasser, Mr. Olympia head judge, Sandy Williamson and Olympians Bojana Vasiljevic and Jennifer Dorie.  Plus medical doctors and industry experts!


Long Beach, California

You can chill out and get a drink at the Legion Ultra Lounge located in the middle of the expo! Watch sports live stream and kick it with a live DJ!

A Fitness Vacation

Totally California! Downtown Long Beach’s vibrant waterfront scene has it all, from eclectic neighborhoods to sandy beaches, you’ll find Long Beach to be an urban waterfront playground. Visit museums, speakeasy, food trucks, vibing roof top eateries, tour a 1930’s ocean liner, the Queen Mary and watch sea lions at Long Beach’s aquarium. Enjoy live performances and cruise Naples canals. Spot dolphins at play on your way to Catalina Island. Shop at the Pike and hit the Roller Coast and Ferris Wheel.

Or chill at our Ultra Lounge in the middle of the expo!

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