Multi-Sport Fitness Expo | Oct 23 – 25, 2020 | Reno, Nevada

“Find Your Inner Superhero.”

Whatever your fitness goal, the Legion Sports Fest, fitness expo, will help you get there.

The Legion Sports Fest is an event designed for you to be your best and have fun getting there. Everyone is improving and so will you.  Here you will learn your perfect way to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The Legion will get you the right information, experience, and motivation whether it is to feel better in your own skin or become an Olympia champion.

All under one roof you will find hundreds of sports and nutrition products to try. There will be more than a dozen highly entertaining sports that will include the best athletes in the world. Everyone is coming from all-time legends to the hottest social fitness stars.

And there will be you, becoming inspired, motivated, entertained, and educated; gaining the tools to find your inner superhero.


3,000 Athletes Across Over Ten Sports

IFBB PRO Bodybuilding Reno Nevada Legion Sports Fest Fitness Expo
IFBB Masters Legion Reno Nevada Fitexpo Fitness Event
NPC Legion Sports Nevada Bodybuilding Contest
Strongman Reno Nevada Legion Fitness Sports Events
Powerlifting Events Reno Nevada Legion Sports Fest Events
Reno Nevada Events Muay Thai
USA ARMwrestling Reno Nevada Events Legion Sports Fest
Functional Fitness Competition Reno Nevada Legion Sports Fest
Armored Combat Reno Nevada Legion Sports Fest Fitness Expo
MMA Event Reno Nevada Legion Sports Fest Fitness Expo


Reign Total Body Fuel Fitness Epxo Legion Sports Fest Reno events

Try out hundreds of new supplements, food, equipment, and technology from over 200 vendors.

THE BLACK FRIDAY OF FITNESS! Gold Saturday and Silver Sunday deliver you insane deals on fitness deals of up to 75% off. You’ll basically make money by coming to the Legion! Companies will have select products in limited supply during the first 2-hours of each day. Get in early to get the goods. PLUS, collect our IFBB Superhero trading cards to get in on thousands of dollars of free supplements, gym gear, and NPC show registrations, and tickets. Click here for more details.

Whitney Jones, Jay Cutler Mark Anthony Reno Nevada Legion Sports Fest


Get in on seminars from variety of sports professionals and your favorite fitness celebrities. Participate in contests and win all kinds of prizes. Hang out in our ultra lounge and grab a drink. And don’t miss our “Party with the Pros” after party at the cities hottest night spot which takes place right after the IFBB Pro Show on Sunday!


Adventure or Chill

Pretty soon you’ll find out why millions of people visit Reno and Lake Tahoe each year. Whatever kind of excitement you are after, we got it. Whatever kind chill you are after, yeah we got that too. Fly down a mountain on a mountain bike or zip line, explore a ghost town, play some cards, party ’til the sun comes up, chill in a spa, a hot spring, or sip wine next to a crystal clear alpine lake, we got all that waiting for you.

You may just want to stay an extra day or two… or three.

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About Center Podium

Chris Minnes

Voted best bodybuilding promoter in 2017, Center Podium Productions was founded by Chris Minnes. With a background in event promotion starting back in 1991, Minnes has promoted hundreds of events including concerts, ski events, mt. bike races, and more. Combining his event and customer service background, passion for bodybuilding (he’s an active NPC competitor), Minnes rolled out the first Tahoe Show in 2011. Also produced by Center Podium Productions is the NPC West Coast Classic, Dexter Jackson Classic, NPC Mother Lode, NPC New Mexico State Open, IFBB Pro League International Russia Championship, and the Tahoe Show. Learn more about each event by visiting