The West Coast Takeover! | Legion Sports Festival Exclusive with Chris Minnes Maximum Muscle Report’s Mandus Buckle sits down with the west coast’s finest, Chris Minnes – CEO of Center Podium Productions and promoter of The Legion Sports Festival in Long Beach, California. The Legion Sports Festival will take place November 9th and 10th… read more

I’ve been getting asked what’s up with the IFBB and other IFBB thing is a lot today. I get it, it is confusing, so much so that I have even seen IFBB Promoters using the wrong IFBB logo sometimes! ***There are 2 different IFBB leagues.*** The IFBB Pro League is different from the IFBB amateur… read more

When you think of bodybuilder, you probably think of the countless hours spent in the gym lifting weights and making muscles grow. You probably think of the posing and how long these men and women have worked on finding the perfect angles to show off all of their hard work. The spray tans and competition… read more

Our female competitors are some of the hardest workers in the industry. From the bikini division to the up-and-coming pole fitness division we have incorporated thanks to Oksana Grishina, Ferrigno Legacy is the place to find talented groups of female bodybuilders. physique competitors, and all-around talented athletes. For the uninitiated, looking at the lineup of… read more

For many, fitness and bodybuilding expos like Ferrigno Legacy are the best times of the year. Whether you are a participant who has been training for your first show, a fitness or supplement company who is looking to expand to a loyal customer base, or a spectator who thrives on the energy and vibrancy of… read more

If you know anything about bodybuilders, there are some things that you will find in each and every one of them. They own a great deal of tupperware, protein is their life source (mainly in the form of chicken), and a strict regimen is required in order to achieve that toned, muscular physique. Competitive bodybuilders… read more

As a spectator at one of the finest bodybuilding expos in the country, the guests at the Ferrigno Legacy Expo are treated not only to a weekend of some of the best booths, sponsors, and events in the country, but the folks who come to California for the FLEXPO are also witness to some of… read more

A weekend full of the best bikini, figure, fitness, and powerlifting athletes sounds like the best way to spend three days. There are sure to be some folks who have never been to a bodybuilding or fitness expo, though, and may look at Ferrigno Legacy wondering why exactly anyone apart from family and coaches would… read more

When the cold winter months roll around, avoiding the snow and frigid temperatures may be at the top of your to-do list. Ferrigno Legacy understands that, which is why we put on our Expo in sunny California. November can’t bring snow, low temperatures, or a lack of motivation to Palm Springs, which is why attending… read more