Bodybuilding Basics

If you are new to the sport of bodybuilding or simply don’t know much about it, considering competition or even doing it recreationally can be an intimidating venture. Those men and women on stage have pushed themselves and their bodies to the limits and then some to achieve a god-like physique, and starting from square one with the hopes of attaining the same end result has the potential to appear impossible. Everyone started somewhere, even Lou Ferrigno. IFBB bikini pros and NPC newcomers all had obstacles to overcome, but if you want to get on stage at the Ferrigno Legacy Expo, we want to help. Today, we’ll look at some of the basic steps beginning bodybuilders and physique competitors can take to get their competitive fitness journey started on the right foot.


It goes without saying, but you can’t have a fitness competition body without incorporating physical training. Resistance training and weightlifting will be your friends, as your muscles have to be pushed and pulled to make progress. Allowing your muscles to tear, recover, then tear again is the key to ensuring growth, and consistently doing this will make sure the you continue to make gains.

Training one body part will get you nowhere when it comes to bodybuilding and physique competitions. Developing a training split will be crucial to ensure you don’t get bored in the gym and are hitting every muscle group. A common split often tends to be a four or five day routine, consisting of chest, back, shoulders and arms, and a leg day to finish off the week. This is a basic way of doing things, but it is important you don’t neglect the smaller muscles or you may appear out of proportion.

Cardio is also a necessary evil in your training regimen. Wait, you might be saying, I lift weights so I don’t have to run. We understand that running isn’t for everyone and doing an aerobic activity like burpees or jumping jacks are a nightmare for certain people. However, you can’t build muscle and look defined without cutting your body fat. When you’re making the move into figure bodybuilding and physique competitions, you’ll have to bite the cardio bullet in order to reveal those hard-earned muscles.


Lifting weights is only one piece of the bodybuilding competition and fitness puzzle. Men’s and women’s physiques have to be properly fueled in order to give muscles a chance to grow and develop, and you can’t do that without enough good food. You should focus on developing a diet that fits your goals, while focusing on incorporating the proper amount of macronutrients. Macronutrients (or macros) are fats, carbohydrates, and protein. When preparing for a physique competition, you will want to track these to ensure you are staying on track with your food and weight to get the exact body you want come show day. High protein, low carb diets are popular choices, but finding what works for you is most important.


The old stereotype of the bodybuilders and weightlifters consuming vast amounts of supplements, from protein and creatine to BCAAs and pre-workouts, while somewhat of a stigma, also holds water. Supplements are a crucial piece of any physique or bikini competitor’s fitness plan and shouldn’t be overlooked. Protein supplements are a major key as it is recommended athletes in the NPC and IFBB competition realm, as well as anyone looking for an increase in muscle mass, as the recommendation for protein is one to one and a half grams of protein per pound of body weight. That means someone who weighs 170 lbs, for example, would need anywhere from 170-255 grams of protein per day. It can be almost impossible to do this with whole foods alone, so consuming whey or some other form of protein supplement can be highly beneficial and make it much easier to fulfill your macronutrient needs without any hassle.

We want anyone and everyone to enjoy their experience at the Ferrigno Legacy Expo. If you’re just getting started in bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitions, don’t be disheartened. When you’re looking for some answers to questions, want some motivation, or simply want to experience the best fitness expo in the industry, then Ferrigno Legacy is for you. Get your tickets today and prepare for the fittest time of your life!