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The Legion of Olympians

The Legion of Olympians is SIX IFBB Pro League, Olympia title holders who unleashed their inner superhero. They are the very best. Never letting failure slow them down and never taking their eye off the prize. But this particular group, they are special. They’ve reached the top and they will pull you up with them. Because while being Mr. or Ms. Olympia may seem like the pinnacle, it is merely a step toward the heavens. A true superhero, helps those in need, a true superhero sees a bigger picture and this they will share with you at the Legion Sports Fest. This will be their Legacy.

We join forces with 4x Ms. Fitness Olympia, Oksana Grishina, 3x Ms. Bikini Olympia, Ashley Kaltwasser, the first ever Classic Physique Mr. Olympia, Danny Hester, the first ever Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia Mark Anthony, Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, and 8x Ms. Olympia, Lenda Murray. Visit our Schedule page to join them for special appearances throughout the Legion Sports Fest Weekend.

In addition to the Legion of Olympians, you will see many more of your favorite fitness celebrities such as Shawn Rhoden, Breon Ansley,  Bojana Vasiljevic, Chris Cormier, Shawn Ray, Lonnie Teper, Sergio Olivia, Jr,  Tamara Haddad, Samir Bannout, Iris Kyle, Hidetada Yamagishi,  Eric the Trainer, Joey Gloor, Thomas DeLauer, 150+ IFBB Pros, and many more!

Catch them all a the IFBB Legion Red Carpet (details below), celebrity stage, seminars, sponsor booths, the sports, or just cruising around the expo!

The Celebrity Stage

Get a chance to meet some of your favorite Fitness Legends! Located at Aisle 600 near Arnwrestling.

Time Celebrity Stage
12:00 Danny Hester & Whitney Jones
1:00 Mark Anthony & Jennifer Dorie
2:00 Katie Corio & Ashley Kaltwaser
3:00 Lenda Murray
Time Celebrity Stage
11:00 Danny Hester & Oksana
12:00 Ashley Kaltwaser
1:00 Jay Cutler
2:00 Helle Trevino & Lenda Murray

Athletes of the Legion of Olympians

Jay Cutler Mr. Olympia Legion Sports Fest Fitness Expo



At 18 years old and saving his money for months, Jay signed up for his first gym membership. The rest was history once Jay discovered the gym and bodybuilding was his niche…Some of his most notable achievements in his career were the 1993 NPC Teen Nationals Middleweight Champion, 2000 Night of Champions Title (Now the ‘New York Pro’), 2002,2003,2004 Arnold Classic Championships and the 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 Mr. Olympia Titles.

You can see Jay at the Stage Ready seminar, red carpet, On the IFBB Legion Stage, for photo ops, and at the Cutler Nutrtion booth.




Ashley qualified for the 2013 Ms. Bikini Olympia, hoping to break the top 10 in a competition that features the most elite bikini athletes in the world. Ashley did more than make the top 10; she was declared the winner, earning her most prestigious title to date, Ms. Bikini Olympia. She was the first rookie to ever win this title. That honor was followed by a history-making win at the Feb. 2014 invitation-only Arnold Classic. 

danny hester mr olympia legionsports fest Long Beach



Danny Hester is a professional bodybuilder from California. He’s won a number of competitions, nd has become a classic physique competitor and champion. Danny Hester is the first ever Classic Physique Olympia champion.


Danny will be competing in the IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Show on Saturday, November 18 and provding a free Classic Physique and Bodybuilding seminar at the FLEXPO Seminar Stage Sunday at 9:15

lenda murray ms olympia legion sports fest long beach



Lenda Murray is the first Ms. Olympia to earn the title 8 times! Acclaimed as the finest female bodybuilder in the world, Murray exudes an unparalleled combination of beauty, shape, development, and pure athletic achievement. All achieved with class and femininity. 



Mark Anthony was the “First Ever” Men’s Physique Olympia Champion. His vision is to help athletes in the NPC grow, continually better themselves and to encourage people to always follow their dreams. Mark Anthony currently coaches 3 top-ranked IFBB Pro Men’s Physique athletes on his roster, along with several NPC national level competitors.

Mark will be competing in the IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Show on Saturday, November 18.

oksana grishina ms olympia ferrigno legacy pole guest performance



Oksana Grishina is the premier IFBB Fitness athlete known as the best fitness competitor in the world. She is the current title holder of both Ms. Fitness Olympia and Ms. Fitness International. Oksana is a 4 time Ms. Fitness Olympia champion.

Join Oksana at the “Oksana Grishina Pole Fitness Classic” at 12:00 PM at the Fitness Fashion Stage. On Sunday at 11:00 AM on the Fitness Fashion Stage she offers, “Master Dance Class with Ms. Fitness Olympia Oksana Grishina”. Finally, catch her original, never-before-seen, performance during IFBB Finals.

Look for These Celebrities at the Legion Sports Fest

katie corio oxygen magazine fitness

Katie Corio

I am a NASN Certified Expert-Level Personal Trainer and Licensed Sports Nutritionist, with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology. I compete in the Bikini division of Women’s Bodybuilding and work as a fitness model for Live Fit Apparel! Connecting with people through my social media platforms and having the opportunity to meet them in person while traveling to various expos has proven to be the most rewarding job, and I am truly grateful!

IFBB Pro League Mr Olympia Legion Sports Fest Host

Bob Cicherillo

Bob Cicherillo is the voiceo of the IFBB Pro League and Mr. Olmpia. Bob Cicherillo has being featured on the cover of FLEX magazine. He once appeared in the television sitcom Malcolm in the Middle and is a regular contributor to the fitness website bodybuilding.com. In addition, Cicherillo has appeared in an ESPN SportsCenter commercial with Stewart Scott, a music video for the band Smash Mouth, and in the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, playing “Rory”, a bodybuilder at Ben Stiller‘s gym. He is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Chicherillo was also “Titan” on the original American Gladiators TV series.

shawn ray ifbb pro ferrigno legacy

Shawn Ray

In over 30 major bodybuilding competitions, Ray only failed to place in the top five once. Signing his first professional bodybuilding sponsor contract in 1988, Ray has been featured in six video documentaries; Lifestyles of the Fit & Famous (Biopic), Final Countdown (Contest Prep for Olympia 1998), Inside & Out– Behind the Muscle, a look at his daily life on the Pro Circuit, To The Extreme (Training Video) Best of Shawn Ray (History of Shawn Ray). “Fitness After 40” which is a biographical and documentary instyle, showcases Shawn’s life after the competitive stage being married with his first child while getting back on the Horse and getting in shape.

Shawn was the Co-Master of Ceremonies for the 2006 and 2007 Mr. Olympia Competitions held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He placed in the top five at the Mr. Olympia competition for twelve consecutive years from 1990 to 2001, two of those being first runner-up finishes.

Sept 9,
Placentia, Ca.

– El Dorado High School 84
– Fullerton Community College 84-86
– Mt. San Antonio Community College 86
– Cal State Fullerton 86-88
– Social Psychology

Bodybuilding Titles:
– Teenage National Champion 85
– Jr. World Champion 85
– Mr. California Champion 87
– American National Champion 87
– Pro Ironman Winner 90
– 2x Arnold Classic Winner
90 & 91
– 12X Mr. Olympia Top 5 Finalist
– Hall of Fame Pro Bodybuilder Inductee 07′

Promotions/ Marketing:
NPC Contest Promoter;
– NPC Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic
– NPC Shawn Ray Shanghai Classic
– NPC Shawn Ray India Classic
– Realleader Equipment Spokesman
– Generation Iron Analyst/ Producer
– Master of Ceremonies
– G6 Sports Nutrition / Consultant
– Manalife Energy/ Consultant
– Gripped Fitness Audio/ Representative
– Realleader Gym Eq. USA/ China Ambassador
CEO, Shawn Ray Productions:
88- Present:

Producer Videos/DVDs:
-Lifestyles of the Fit & Famous
– To The Extreme
– Best of Shawn Ray
– Final Countdown
– Inside & Out “Behind the Muscle”
– Fitness After 40

– Evolution of Bodybuilding
(History of Mr. Olympia Documentary)
2011:  https://youtu.be/93wCDFbA60A
– ASF 25
(History of Arnold Classic Documentary)

Breone Ansley & Arnold Classic physique olympia Legion SPorts Fest Fitness Expo

Breon Ansley

Breon Ansley took the Classic Physique division by storm in 2018. Making history by winning the inaugural Arnold Classic Physique title and later in the season winning his second and back to back Mr. Olympia titles.

Scot Mendelson is an American armwrestler and powerlifter, who specializes in the bench press. He has broken multiple world records and is currently the raw (unassisted) world record holder in the 308-pound weight class with 701 lb bench press since 2002 and the equipped world record holder in the 275-pound class with 1,031 lb bench press since 2009. He also held the all-time world record in the raw bench press, regardless of weight class with 715 lb for 8 years. Working as a self-employed personal trainer, he runs his own gym called Mendy’s Gym.

Shawn Rhoden Mr Olympia Legion Sports Fest Fitness Expo

Shawn Rhoden

Winner of the 2018 Mr. Olympia!


Bojana Vasiljevic

Bojana “The Serbian Princess” Vasiljevic is a Top-rated IFBB Figure pro who has recently won the IFBB Pro Figure Division at the IFBB Los Angeles as well, she is a 2x Olympia competitor and earned Top 5 at the Arnold Fitness International in Columbus, Ohio. She is a master figure posing coach and personal trainer. She also starred in the reality mini-series “Taboo“.

Chris Cormier

Chris “Real Deal” Cormier became an IFBB professional body builder in 1993 after winning the overall title at the NPC USA Championships. Few bodybuilders have had a career as illustrious as Chris, who went on to participate internationally in over seventy professional competitions, taking the overall title in eleven and placing in the top 5 an astounding fifty-two times.

cergio olivia jr ferrigno legacy fitexpo

Sergio Oliva, Jr.

Sergio Oliva Jr is a professional bodybuilder from the United States. He’s the son of the legendary 3-time Mr. Olympia Sergio Oliva, also known as The Myth.

Lauren Abraham fitness bikini celebrity fitness expo legion

Lauren Abraham

Celebrity fitness model, Lauren Abraham, is a nationally recognized TV host & live event MC specializing in travel, health, fitness, red carpet events, and action sports. She has over 10 years of ongoing hosting experience with networks such as ESPN, FSN, NBC, and the like. As one of the most influential fitness personalities in the industry, she has been signed as the video creator and host for all Amway fitness video content for the next 5 years globally, as well being the leading spokesperson for MuscleTech, STRONG by Zumba. Recently voted into the top 10 physiques in the fitness industry, she graced page 45 of last year’s ESPN magazine, “The Body Issue.” Lauren is continuously published worldwide, and is seen monthly gracing the pages of fitness, sport, and fashion magazines. She has over 60 magazine publications worldwide.

Tamara Jordan Haddad ifbb pro bikini

Tamara Jordan

Tamara has always had a love for athletics. Raised in Tehachapi CA, she started in the sport of Judo, then danced for 5 years (Tap,Jazz,Ballet), went on to wrestling on her high school varsity team for 2 years. After moving to Long beach CA to pursue her Bachelors degree in Psychology and graduating from CSULB in 2010, she was introduced to bodybuilding competitions by starting to work out again at a local LA Fitness. After watching her first Bikini Show, she went on to make the decision of competing as well! 

Tamara transitioned from the Figure division in 2010 to the Bikini division in 2011. By 2013 she obtained her IFBB Pro Card.

To date, Tamara has competed in 14 IFBB Professional Competitions and in 2015 qualified and competed in the worlds most prestigious bodybuilding competition, The Olympia.  Tamara has built her own team of Bikini Competitors, 2theT Athletes!!! She coaches them with their preparation for competition and also their Posing Technique and Stage Presentation which has become a strong passion of hers. 

Hella Travino Womens Bodybuilding

Helle Trevino

Helle Trevino is the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Ms. Rising Phoenix champion. The Rising Phoenix is the most prestigious women’s bodybuilding event in the world.

Whitney Jones Ms Fitness Olympia

Whitney Jones

As a fitness competitor, Whitney Jones’ first competition was in the summer of 2010 as an amateur at the local Arizona show.  She moved up the ranks quickly and earned her pro card a year later at the Team Universe National Fitness Championships.  As a Pro, Jones is currently the Ms. Fitness Olympia and Arnold Classic champion. 

Joey Gloor Fat loss lose weight seminar Legion

Joey Gloor

Joseph Gloor is the Assistant Content Director at Word on Fire Catholic Ministries. He’s also an inner-city English teacher and world-renowned fitness trainer. He made his television debut as a weight loss trainer for MTV’s docu-series, I Used to Be Fat. Most recently, Joseph starred as a “transformation specialist” on TLC’s Fat Chance, which aired in Summer 2016.

thomas Delauer Fat loss professional trainer

Thomas DeLauer

Life is so dynamic and multi-dimensional. As business people we are always forced into this one dimensional way of thinking. That we can only be good at one thing and that by allowing the focus to deviate from that one thing, we reduce our effectiveness in business (or what our core pillar is).

This was a perfect example of me not too long ago. I was hyper-focused on my business… a successful business at that, but I was afraid to step away or divert in any way towards anything else. As a result I was overweight. More than overweight, I was bona fide fat. But I didn’t really care because I thought that I was focused and kicking ass in what I was presently working on (one of the largest ancillary service providers within the healthcare industry). The only thing that getting healthy would do would shift time away from what mattered to me most (money and providing for my family)”

dr carr age management hormone therapy hrt trt

Dr. John Carr

“When we started CARR Cellular Fitness and Performance, we did so with the idea that every individual cell in our bodies must be optimized for maximum health and incredible performance. As a medical doctor, I knew that ultimately our success or failure in part depends on the expression of trillions of cells functioning to meet the extreme demands most athletes put on their bodies. Our research showed that many of the supplements on the market were not optimized for the demands of exercise.”

scot mendy

Scott Mendelson

You Can find Scott at the USA Arwrestling stage!

JM Manion NPC News Online Mark Anthony Legion Fitness expo

J.M. Manion

J.M. Manion is the senior photographer for NPC News Online and will be covering the IFBB Pro League Legion Sports Fest!

Opening Performance

Eric “the trainer” Fleishman

Eric Fleishman (aka Eric the Trainer) began his fitness career as a 98lb. weakling living in rural Maine on a farm with sheep, pigs, and even a donkey. He was elected President of the local 4H club dedicated to swine, the “Souie Souie Pig” club. At age ten his father, suspecting that his son would remain small throughout his teens, took Eric to his first martial arts class. This initiated a lifelong passion with martial arts that would eventually lead him to Hollywood, California. Due to his small size, Eric found himself taunted and teased by the local kids who’s rough, lumberjack fathers encouraged their offspring to pursue careers in the woods, too.

He was often found hanging on coat racks by his belt loops and was once even discovered cramped inside someone’s locker. Dubbed “Squeaky ” by his classmates for squeals of terror he made while being chased during a flag football game in gym class, Eric was the least likely student at Mt. Blue Jr. High school to pursue a career in physical fitness. At his senior prom, his diminished size made him look as if he was with his babysitter rather than his date. His growth spurt finally began during his second year of college. Realizing that he needed to fill out his lankly physique, Eric began a modest workout regiment at Gold’s Gym in New Haven, CT. And as he noticed the increase in adoring looks from the local girls, he caught the fitness bug.

jerome ferguson ifbb pro Legion Sports Fest Fitness Expo Hollywood

Jerome Ferguson

True physical Fitness isnt just about muscles. Its about striking a balance. A balance of proper exercise, healthy diet and acheiving goals.

As a personal trainer specializing in weight loss, nutrition, toning and cardiovascular training, I design truly personal programs that create and maintain this balance in a very individual manner.Eliminate sleep deprivation. Obtain higher energy levels and build selfesteem. Learn how to eat, work and live healthier. We often neglect our our physical well being. My philosophy is that creating and maintaining a healthier body is an integral part of living and achieving ones potential.

Achieving this balance is a very personal mission.


Vazgen Soghoyan

Armwrestling world champion!

Expect MANY more PLUS over 150 IFBB Pro athletes!

Visit our Schedule Page to see when and where to see your favorite celebrities. Check back often for updates!


The fittest red carpet there is! All of the biggest fitness celebrities will be on the Legion Red Carpet. It is the who’s, who of fitness. Over 10 Olympia winners are confirmed. Dozens of your favorite athletes and fitness gurus will be there! You won’t want to miss this incredible event all hosted by fitness celebrity Lauren Abraham!

Legion Sports Fest IFBB Pro Red Carpet Celebrities