Diet is Critical to Success

When you think of bodybuilder, you probably think of the countless hours spent in the gym lifting weights and making muscles grow. You probably think of the posing and how long these men and women have worked on finding the perfect angles to show off all of their hard work. The spray tans and competition suits might come to mind, making you realize how much scrutiny and detail go into the judging portion. The unsung hero of the bodybuilding lifestyle, though, is the diet these bodybuilders and fitness athletes utilize to ensure they reach their peak physicality. The old saying “abs are made in the kitchen” never rings true more than when a figure or physique athlete is preparing to compete on stage. Protein is obviously a staple, but there is far more that goes into dietary preparation that just choosing to not eat sugar for a little bit. Today, our team wants to give you a look at some of the more important things that go into a bodybuilder and fitness competitor’s diet and provide you with an idea of what these athletes go through during their prep. Be sure to get your tickets to the Ferrigno Legacy Expo and experience our Food for Fitness showcase!

Tracking Macronutrients

Your diet is made up of the big three macronutrients: fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Not only should each of these make up a certain percentage of any diet, but they should also be tracked to ensure accuracy. Tracking macros is how bodybuilders, bikini, and physique competitors stay on top of their diets. Depending on what they have determined to be the best diet for their physical needs and goals, such as a low carb diet or cycling high carb and high fat days of eating, staying on track can be difficult if they try to play it by ear. There are plenty of mobile apps used by the athletes, while many of them stick to several meals that they cycle through and know the exact measure of macronutrients, making dietary decisions easy.


Supplements are critical for any bodybuilder hoping to get on stage and be competitive. While they have gotten a bad reputation in the past, dietary supplements are simply a way for those who have unique goals to arrange their diet accordingly. Whether they are hoping to burn fat and utilize thermogenics to sweat more often to those who need things like fish oil or turmeric for joint health, there are a variety of supplements that can make preparation for a show and time spent in the gym much more beneficial. Protein powders are especially useful during the muscle building phases to ensure the muscles are receiving enough protein, and branched chain amino acids help bodybuilders begin the recovery process quickly after an intense session at the gym. It is important to keep the body running at its peak levels as often as possible for our physique and fitness competitors, and adding the proper supplements will give bodybuilders their best shot at success.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping the body hydrated is one of the easiest and most beneficial dietary options our fitness and physique competitors can make. Water is a large part of human composition and is necessary for our bodies to carry out numerous vital processes. It is not uncommon to find the muscular and lean competitors alike hauling around gallons of water to maintain a high level of hydration. Water not only keeps our joints lubricated and healthy, but it also provides benefits like reducing fatigue and helping fight hunger cravings. If you plan on competing, get used to drinking more water than you’re probably used to.

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