Difference Between Physique and Figure Competitions


Our female competitors are some of the hardest workers in the industry. From the bikini division to the up-and-coming pole fitness division we have incorporated thanks to Oksana Grishina, Ferrigno Legacy is the place to find talented groups of female bodybuilders. physique competitors, and all-around talented athletes. For the uninitiated, looking at the lineup of different competition divisions can be confusing, leaving you wondering what exactly each one entails. These ladies all have different strengths when it comes to getting on stage, which means they focus on different areas during preparation. Today, we want to give you a quick overview of the different divisions in women’s figure and bodybuilding competitions to give you some clarity, whether you want to compete in the future or are simply looking for the one you are most interested in seeing. Be sure to grab your tickets for the Ferrigno Legacy today!

Bikini Competitors

Bikini competitions are a favorite among our female competitors. To prepare to compete in a bikini competition division, it is important the woman aims for symmetry and balance in their appearance. Leaning more towards fitness than bodybuilding, bikini competitors are judged on their overall aesthetic and balance in their look. Muscle takes a backseat to tone and development, and the overall presentation of the aesthetic is focused on more than just posing itself. This is for ladies who are not looking to get bulked up to lean out, but instead looking to show off the steady growth and gains they have made during their preparation time. Body fat percentage is important, but getting down into the single digits is not the focus. Around 10-14% body fat is the usual range of our competitors.


A near 50-50% mix of bodybuilding and fitness, figure athletes are looking for a little more muscularity than their bikini competitor friends. The V-taper starts to become a focus for figure competitors, as they are aiming for more defined shoulders and slimmer torso. They also want a fair amount of muscle, but are not aiming for visible striations (separation in muscle definition), so finding that delicate balance is key. These competitors also need to focus on a balance between posing and overall presentation. This division strikes a balance between fitness and bikini and bodybuilding, so ensuring the scales are evened out before getting on stage is important.


Physique competitors are the ones who venture more towards bodybuilding while still incorporating some of the critical aspects of fitness competitions. Physique competitors are focusing on a strong V-taper and adding muscle striations and definition into the mix. The amount of muscle here is much more than with the figure or bikini competitors, and a posing routine is now incorporated. These competitors are hoping to show they have achieved an overall level of muscularity while maintaining flow, grace, and proportionality to their bodies. The bodybuilding posing routine will serve to show the spectators and judges that they have found the balance.

If you are a physique competitor, aspiring bodybuilder, or considering entering your first bikini competition, Ferrigno Legacy is the place to be. Whether you are an amateur looking for some inspiration and a way to visualize the right way to do it or a seasoned veteran looking for the next stage on which you can compete, our bodybuilding and fitness expo is for you. Set against the beautiful backdrop makes this weekend more than just a simple competition. Be sure to get your tickets, book a room at the hotel, and start prepping. Nothing could be a better vacation than spending a weekend at the Ferrigno Legacy Expo!