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Smashing 350 HP Apparel

CAP-AN-TAP™ is a company that values people above all else. Our goal is to break barriers. We are all broken, so our goal is to make a difference by giving opportunities that we have asked be given to us. Donating to different charities from cancer awareness to human trafficking, down syndrome, autism, our military, scholarships, and people in general.

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Naked Warrior Recovery

NW Recovery was created with a clear initiative: to develop premium products to support physical and mental recovery through innovation and excellence.

Our dedication to product quality stems from our founder’s own personal journey as a 26 year Navy SEAL veteran.  Our standards for quality and effectiveness are carried over from a lifetime of service in elite Unconventional Special Operations Teams to a small unconventional company dedicated to the recovery of veterans, first responders, and athletes.

We know the only way to perform at our highest potential is to allow our bodies and minds the opportunity to recover.

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Center Podium

Center Podium NPC IFBB Fitness Events

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Membership includes a FULL Contest Prep Guide, Access to all FULL Center Podium Show Videos, exclusive content like celebrity seminars, posing from top IFBB Pros, Original Series, and much more! Finally get the information you need to win!

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Carr Cellular Fitness

Each of our supplements was developed based on years of clinical experience and is validated by ongoing daily laboratory testing. CARR Cellular Fitness is your one-stop center for checking labs and getting top quality vitamins, supplements, and nutraceuticals. Every supplement was developed based on years of clinical experience and validated by ongoing daily laboratory testing.

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Team FFlex

Inside the TEAM FFLEX App… A highly detailed and comprehensive training guide will walk you step by step through the process of conquering your goals. All the guess work has been stripped away… Whats left are the essential, proven plans for creating lasting results unlike anything you have ever seen before!  You will unlock all the expert tools and strategies you need to conquer your goals and create lasting change…

1. Complete Program Overview 2. Totally Custom Training Program 3. Totally Custom Nutrition Program 4. Direct Contact With Your Coach

Musclegen Research / Genepro

MuscleGen Research offers a full array of supplements from fat burners, Omega 3’s, Memory enhancers, Pro-Hormones, Ultra Concentrated MultiVitamins, Pre-Workouts, Nitrous products, Cleansing supplements, and more.

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Jawku is a sports perfromace company designed for athletes that want to preform to the best of their ability.

With the Jawku Speed athletes can see exactly how fast the run using a wearable technology that is just as accurate as Olympic laser gate systems. The Jawku Muscle Blaster V2 is one of the most state of the art massage gun on the market. With 5 variable speeds and a quiet bush less motor the Muscle Blaster is taking the fitness world by storm.

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Northern Chill

A Premium and Naturally Alkaline, Mineral Spring Water, that is naturally 7.8pH!  We are an “American Made” Premium Alkaline Water where our pure, crisp, and natural water originates, at the source, from the ice-age and glacier-created aquifers tucked away up north in the pristine Northwoods of Polar, Wisconsin.  Our naturally occurring 7.8pH, our minerals, and our naturally occurring electrolytes come together to provide you with a crisp and satiny smooth tasting water. 

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By combining top talents around the world in design, engineering and craftsmanship, our timepieces harness the might of the human spirit. Battle-tested, they will remain steadfast as you declare certain

Our watches will remind you to listen to the undeniable force within propelling you relentlessly forward:
Strength Overcomes.

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U.S. Navy SpecWar Recruiting

Navy recruiting mission is to Leverage an inspirational culture to inform, attract, influence and hire the highest quality candidates from America’s diverse talent pool to allow America’s Navy to assure mission success and establish the foundation for Sailors to thrive in a life-changing experience.  We enlist nearly 2,600 men and women each year. We work hard, play hard and do it as a team!

For more information please call 800-252-0559 and mention Legion Sports Fest!

Dr. Jen’s Nutrition

Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Protein Bar was born from the idea that a protein bar can be loaded with nutritious, all natural, low sugar, high fiber and allergy and sensitivity-friendly ingredients and doesn’t have to taste like cardboard!

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