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Global Formulas is dedicated to providing the most powerful and complete
products you will ever experience. No expense is spared when formulating new
categories. Our long standing philosophy has, and will always be athletes
will pay slightly more if they achieve noticeably better results. We don’t
need paid spokespeople or costly advertising. We are content at being the
company that athletes from every walk of life recommend to their peers. That
in itself will continue to propel our reputation as the highest quality
sports nutrition company in the industry; Train Hard. Demand the Best.
Global Formulas.

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Sexilass is a super luxe athleisure loungewear for the fun loving, athletic and career driven lass who wants to embrace her curves and strength while expressing her unique creativity. At Sexilass, we believe in empowering women since we represent women who have incredible strength, talent and determination that is worth celebrating. Our chic and sassy collections, will glam up your fitness wardrobe, enhance performance and allow unique self-expression. The Sexilass Lass does it all—and we outfit her to look fierce and fearless, so she can make it happen. From the gym to brunch to work to a night out our fitness couture is versatile, stylish, and constructed to last.

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The veil on CBD has been lifted, the truth is rippling out and leading a new wave of natural health and personal balance is one organization.

At Koi CBD, we believe in helping people live better. Nature gives us CBD. We simply harvest this gift to help people of all ages, interest, and needs experience its restorative properties. Like the power fish that lends us our name, koi is a life force, swimming up-current to deliver the purest CBD products at happy prices.

There’s no mystery to our approach — just the belief in the ongoing pursuit of “better.” Better practices, better prices, better education, better days, and better lives. We’re proponents of quality, safety and consistency. We’re ambassadors of responsible farming, extraction and distribution.

Our family and all those who join it trade pain for perseverance, anxiety for equilibrium, and sleepless nights for serenity. And for those curious souls seeking a natural way to better their lives, we invite you to find balance with Koi CBD.

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One % Nutrition

A One-Percenter must be well rounded in all areas of life. If you find an aspect of your life lacking, you must constantly work until it is where you want it to be. You have thousands of resources all around you that can help you in all areas of life. What we here at One Percent Nutrition have done is create not only an elite line of supplements to help you achieve your fitness goals, but have created a community of like minded individuals that are all here to help each other out, every step of the way.

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Unlimited Performance

Unlimited Performance is a sports supplement company with the focus of offering consumers everything they want and nothing they don’t.  Our goal is simple: create quality, affordable products that are free of the many potentially harmful additives that have become so commonplace in the food and supplement market.

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We’ve built BenjiLock to be extremely beneficial to a wide array of industries, inspiring future Americans and keeping the U.S. at the forefront of global innovation and technology.  The simplicity of this particular invention is that it can go beyond the traditional padlock and be embedded in multiple forms and ways of hybrid security solutions.  BenjiLock is showing the world that disruption and innovation, if done right, can create a positive impact to America’s society.

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Calibrated Training & Nutrition

Calibrated Training and Nutrition offers, Flexible Dieting Services, Bodybuilding Prep, Photo Peaking, Healthy Recipes, Online Posing Classes and Physique Coaching to Athletes All Around the World.
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Icon Muscle

royalty new
Royalty Nutrition

Royalty Nutrition is here to provide the Sports Nutrition industry with the finest and highest quality products only a King would prove worthy!  Join the Kingdom today and start your journey to success!!

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K3 Scoop

Simply Prepped Nutrition