Pro Strongman, Powerlifting, Slackline, Crossfit, Ju-Jitsu, Kick Boxing, Arm Wrestling and more!

Do you feel the floor shake? Follow the sounds of earth-shaking and muscle fibers tearing to find EXTREME FITNESS at the Legion Sports Fest. Steel bars and concrete balls tremble in fear as some of the strongest individuals on the planet prepare for battle. You will see both records and hearts broken while some experience glory and others go home empty handed. Watch or compete, your heart will want to jump out of your chest as you watch the events unfold.



What makes SWAT Fuel products different from any other nutritional supplements? They’re the only nutritional program to balance medical wellness, anti-aging medicine, sports nutrition and combat/stress physiology.

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Muscle Monster

Monster athletes do not win by accident, it takes years of hard work and determination to be a champion. Need a little motivation to meet your personal goals? Meet your new “coach in a can,” Muscle Monster Energy Shake.

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Infinium Works

Throughout history, people have always looked for an edge, especially when it comes to their performance. We at Infinium Works are constantly rethinking performance by engineering products to take athletes to the next level.

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Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements & Hormone Lab Testing

“No one else uses the clinical laboratory testing that we do to show the supplements we offer are effectively and optimally absorbed.”

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Equinox Personal Trainers

Become an Equinox Personal Trainer and discover a dynamic, team oriented work environment built around helping others maximize their potential, where limitless opportunity is cultivated by the highest in industry standards across training and education.

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Blue Ribbon Nutrition

Blue Ribbon Nutrition is committed to providing the most effective and exceptional tasting nutritional supplements on the market. Our formulas are 100% transparent, backed by science, and optimally dosed for maximum effectiveness. You deserve to know what is going into your body and why!

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Calibrated Training & Nutrition

Your source for competition training and prep. Utilizing a flexible dieting technique, CTN creates programs for both competitors and people looking to tone up that will be a frameworks for long term health and fitness goals.