All that is Fashion and Fitness complete with a Fitness Fashion Runway Show!

We’ve all been there; the jeans… trying to get jeans over your beautiful round glutes and succeeding in only splitting the crotch! No more; this is the Fitness Fashion Revolution. Clothing made for the athlete. Special materials, tailoring, and style so you can feel like a normal person when you are outside the gym!

Vendors will bring you men’s and women’s leggings, T’s, tanks, gloves, shorts, jeans, dress shirts, hoodies and so much more. We’re creating a unique shopping mall at the LEGION that’s curated for any fit person’s fashion needs. . 

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Str8 Shredded

We all get inspired in many different ways! It could be a dream, challenge, inspiration but it all travels the same path to greatness…. STR8 is whatever we do… It takes discipline, sacrifice, love, devotion, and a personal drive to reach your final destination.


Built Apparel

“The mission with BUILT is to connect and motivate athletes around the world. We believe that if you have the appetite to grow, then you have the ability for greatness. The mind simply cannot be bought; it is BUILT through life experiences.”

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Spear Fitness

Spear was created for everyday warriors. The name comes from the athlete being the Warrior, and their weapon of choice to fight daily battles is their Spear.