FLEXPO is a Great Vacation Choice

When the cold winter months roll around, avoiding the snow and frigid temperatures may be at the top of your to-do list. Ferrigno Legacy understands that, which is why we put on our Expo in sunny California. November can’t bring snow, low temperatures, or a lack of motivation to Palm Springs, which is why attending the FLEXPO is a fantastic idea if you are looking for a way to escape the winter and enjoy a bodybuilding vacation. Wait, you’re probably saying to yourself, what could possibly make going to a fitness expo a good idea for a vacation unless I’m competing? Well, you’re in luck! Today, the Ferrigno Legacy team is going to run through just a few of the best reasons you should consider a vacation in November to attend our event and what will make it one of the best decisions of your year!

Explore Your Hobby

If you’re someone who likes to bodybuild for the physical benefits but are hesitant when it comes to the thought of getting on stage in a physique competition, Ferrigno Legacy will help you decide if the competitive side is right for you. With both NPC and IFBB competitions for men’s classic, men and women’s physique, as well as bikini shows and powerlifting competitions, we have a little bit of everything in the fitness world. Getting a taste of everything can help you see what the pros and experienced competitors do, how shows work, and if it is right for you to consider doing. Like going to a professional baseball game can inspire a young player to hit off the tee more often, seeing a bodybuilding expo can motivate the next generation.

Free Swag

We have a wonderful group of sponsors for the Ferrigno Legacy event. Our event sponsorships give companies an opportunity to set up booths that sprawl across our 100,000 square foot Ferrigno Legacy Sports Festival. We have some of the best companies in the business; from fitness apparel to supplements and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find a representative from one of your favorite bodybuilding and powerlifting companies. When you find them, these folks are going to inundate you with free stuff! Samples, t-shirts, swag bags: you name it and you’ll be able to find it. From household names like Quest Nutrition and Cellucor to some you may not know yet, you’ll come home with more free fitness and bodybuilding swag than you could imagine.

Like-Minded People

Finding someone to go to the gym with you, be a lifting partner, keep you motivated, and hold you accountable can be one of the most challenging parts of the bodybuilding and fitness competition lifestyle. When you take a break and come to Ferrigno Legacy, you will be surrounded by folks who share your love and passion for physique sports and the fitness lifestyle. You won’t have to worry about geeking out over your favorite brand or being starstruck by your idols because we will all be in the same boat. Surrounding yourself with people who share your passion for fitness and want to get on stage, your vacation can bring you more new friendships than you can keep track of.

Ferrigno Legacy is California’s premiere bodybuilding and physique expo. If you are looking for a great vacation option, inspiration, or want to simply experience the sport first-hand, get your tickets today and see what makes the FLEXPO the number one fitness experience!


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