The LEGION Weekend is your Black Friday. Many of our vendors have a few items in limited quantities picked out that are up to 70% off regular price. Prices so low that you will likely save 10 or 20 times the cost of your expo ticket! Be sure to get there early and map out your plan of attack!

The Black Friday of Fitness

Confirmed Crazy Deals

Body Bling Jewelry: Booth 332 – 10% off first 2 hours

HiiT Dough: Booth 533 – Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off!  Sunday only

Royalty Nutrition: Booth 309 – Buy 1 Get 1 Free, First 50 people!

Royalty Nutrition: Booth 309 –  Buy 1 get 1 half off (only 50)

Royalty Nutrition: Booth 309 – Free Gift to the first 100 people

Dominate Don’t Compete: Booth 314 – Half off select items for first 2 hours!

Modern Body Labz: Booth 355 –  Saturday – Uncle Ross Strength Power Pump Breakthrough Formula – Half Off (first 2 hours)

Modern Body Labz: Booth 355 – Sunday – BCAA Restoration Half Off (first two hours)

Ax-Ball Enterprises: Booth 318  – First two hours 50% off AXBALL Packages

Infinium Works: Booth 461  – LEAN Fat Burner 50% off for 50 units each day

Legion:  Booth 421 – 75% off NPC West Coast Men’s & Women’sTanks

ICON Muscle: Booth 310 – TBA

SWAT FUEL: Booth 337 – TBA

Carr Cellular Fitness: Booth 203 – TBA

JerkFit: Booth 525 – 15% off Death Grips, 50 per day

Titan Grips: Booth 352 – Buy 1 get 2nd half off to GS/SS

Intelliroll: Booth 310 – Take an additional 5-10% off the great Show Specials on ALL product for first 2 hours on Saturday.

K3 Scoop: Booth 409 – Buy one get one 1/2 off – for the first two hours, Saturday/Sunday!

NLFP APPAREL: Booth 450 – Gold Saturday – buy any 2 items and get a free tee shirt or tank top of your choice. Silver Sunday – 50 % OFF selected items. Plus get a Free T-shirt or tank top if you spend more than $60.


Vendors, Sponsors, and Celebrities will have exclusive, collector trading cards that they will be giving away throughout the weekend. When you collect a set of all seven, you can present them at the Legion Booth and receive a bag jammed with supplements and apparel. Can’t find the whole set? Ask around, trade with your crew and new friends!

How to get them?

Interact with our vendors. Buying something will very likely get you a card. Chatting them up and testing their products might do it too. There will be a limited quantity!

Keep up to date with the Legion Sports Fest.