The IFBB Pro League vs. the IFBB Amateur League

IFBB Pro League

I’ve been getting asked what’s up with the IFBB and other IFBB thing is a lot today. I get it, it is confusing, so much so that I have even seen IFBB Promoters using the wrong IFBB logo sometimes!

***There are 2 different IFBB leagues.***

The IFBB Pro League is different from the IFBB amateur league. Jim Manion runs the IFBB pro league. The IFBB pro league was also started by the Weiders. Every IFBB Pro has a contract with the IFBB Pro League.

IFBB Amateur is run by Rafael Santonja. This is an amateur organization and is basically the international version of the NPC.

Since there were issues with the IFBB Amateur league most recently at the amateur Olympia, the pro league will not recognize IFBB Amateur League contests as a path to IFBB Pro status. However, they (Jim) will now offer pro qualifiers internationally which will be open to ALL amateur leagues. This is great for the international athletes who often contact me begging for a way to get pro status.

The most important part of this is that nothing changes for NPC Amateurs, IFBB pros or our shows in the USA. The change abroad means more shows and opportunities for their athletes.
See ya at the NPC/IFBB Ferrigno Legacy on November 18 & 19