Networking at Ferrigno Legacy

For many, fitness and bodybuilding expos like Ferrigno Legacy are the best times of the year. Whether you are a participant who has been training for your first show, a fitness or supplement company who is looking to expand to a loyal customer base, or a spectator who thrives on the energy and vibrancy of these events, there is something for everyone. One of the best parts of the FLEXPO weekend is the relationships we watch form each and every year. Competitors from across the country might become best friends, newcomers may find a new, motivational gym partner, and businesses might find new opportunities they never knew possible. Networking is critical in all aspects of life, from personal relationships to business, and we believe Ferrigno Legacy is one of the best networking opportunities in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. From top bodybuilders to rookie powerlifters and fledgling supplement companies, everyone is welcome to FLEXPO! Networking is one of the many reasons to come to California in November, so be sure to get your tickets soon!

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Common Ground

In case you forgot, everyone who comes to the Ferrigno Legacy Expo is there because they share a passion for the fitness, physique, and the weightlifting lifestyle. Everyone you meet will have a story, whether they are in California to get a taste of what these shows are like, or they are a seasoned veteran itching to get on stage once more. No matter the case, our guests will be hard-pressed to find someone they can’t have a conversation with. Do you and the guy in the seat next to you both love leg day and can’t find someone who feels the same way? Has no one ever heard of your favorite supplement line until you saw an entire booth devoted to them at Ferrigno Legacy? You already have something in common with the folks here, so there’s nothing to stop you from networking like crazy!

Questions are Common

Learning never stops, which is why the Ferrigno Legacy expo covers the spectrum of fitness sports. Some of our bikini competitors might arrive and be captivated by the introduction of pole fitness. The ability to approach the pros and ask them questions is encouraged during the FLEXPO. Have you always been interested in the fashion and apparel side of the physique and bodybuilding industry? We have vendors and professionals from that sector with whom you can connect and pick their brain. Curiosity never hurt any fitness fanatic, and asking questions is how growth happens in the industry. Shyness probably won’t work to your advantage in these situations, but your thirst for bodybuilding and fitness knowledge is invaluable. Feel free to ask questions; you never know who might be around to give you an answer!

Businesses Work Together

Partnerships are a staple in the fitness world. From collaborations in workout video tutorials to supplement companies combining forces for research and creation of the next best pre-workout. With the amount of vendors, booths, and company representatives you’ll find throughout the entirety of the expo, there is always an opportunity to connect with someone. Your elevator pitch will never be more useful than during the best weekend in November. Whether you’re interested in shooting videos for a fitness apparel company, have an idea to pitch about a new supplement, or just want to meet someone you admire, everything at Ferrigno Legacy will throw you right into the fire. The networking opportunities are endless during the FLEXPO, so be sure to take the opportunity.

FLEXPO is about more than the athletes. Of course, our bodybuilders, powerlifters, and figure competitors are the main event, but there are so many more things to enjoy during your time at the Ferrigno Legacy Expo. Our spectators should get just as much out of their experience as the competitors. Whether you are here for the energy, are hoping to connect and network with some of the best in the industry, or do a little bit of everything, you’ll find it at the FLEXPO. Don’t be shy, come to California ready to meet some people who could be your new training or business partner. Grab your tickets and make your reservations soon. We look forward to seeing you in November!