September 28, 2018

7:00 PM

Beverly O’Neil Theater at the Long Beach Convention Center

It’s been a big year for the sport of pole fitness, thanks to two monumental developments. First, pole was granted “observer status” by the Global Association of International Sports Federation, a crucial step to eventually becoming an Olympic sport. Second, the 2018 Mr. Olympia Weekend will include a pole fitness competition for the first time in history hosted by none other than Ms. Fitness Olympia herself, Oksana Grishina.

This makes the 2018 Legion Sports Fest a perfect opportunity to introduce elite pole artistry to a large, general fitness audience. So we’ve gathered a dozen of the world’s top pole athletes — all recent winners of major international competitions — to introduce Legion attendees to the uppermost echelon of this visually stunning fitness artform.

Our Friday night pole fitness showcase, held in the 825-seat Beverly O’Neill Theater at the Long Beach Convention Center, will kick off the Legion Sports Fest with performances by the greatest collection of international pole champions ever gathered under one roof:

  • Tara Meyer – Arnold Classic Champion, 2016
  • Jazzy Alix – Arnold Classic Champion, 2015 & 2017
  • Dimitrii Staev – US Men’s Champion, 2018
  • Paige Olson – Juniors World Champion, 2016
  • Greta Pontarelli – 7X Masters World Champion, 2012-2018
  • Alik Tsiupa & Candace Cane – US Doubles Champions, 2017
  • Phoenix Kazree – Winner of Pole Art Italy, 2015
  • Nyancy Ly – OG Pole Olympian, 2018
  • Nina Zamora – OG Pole Olympian, 2018
  • Jessica Anderson-Gwin – OG Pole Olympian, 2018
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