Spectating at a Bodybuilding Show

A weekend full of the best bikini, figure, fitness, and powerlifting athletes sounds like the best way to spend three days. There are sure to be some folks who have never been to a bodybuilding or fitness expo, though, and may look at Ferrigno Legacy wondering why exactly anyone apart from family and coaches would want to sit in the crowd. We know exactly why, and our team wants to encourage anyone who may be on the fence about attending a bodybuilding show that you will have a great time and remember the experience forever. Our competitions showcase some of the top bodybuilders, bikini pros, and powerlifters in the country, but spectating is another beast entirely. Our team has some tips on how to be the best spectator possible during the Ferrigno Legacy fitness expo and how you can get the most from your time in California!

Be Respectful

The fitness and physique family is one that is founded on mutual respect and admiration. A physique competition is the time for everyone’s hard work to shine, and we don’t want to take anything away from a competitor’s hard work. Maybe someone doesn’t have a great showing or you are unimpressed by their routine. However, that doesn’t mean the expo hall becomes a place that should be filled with boos or jeers. We want our competitors and our spectators alike to lift each other up. The Ferrigno Legacy event is not only a competition, but a gathering of like-minded folks who want to encourage each other to stay the course. We ask
that our guests foster this community and keep the morale of the entire event as high as possible.

Stay for an Entire Round

When it comes to these shows, we know our crowds can become just as fatigued as the competitors. The constant starting and stopping, time between rounds, and the frustration that can arise when the schedule runs off the rails. The Ferrigno Legacy team does our absolute best to stay on time and on schedule, but sometimes we just can’t help things like technical difficulties or other inconveniences. Rather than getting frustrated mid-round or leaving in the middle of a class, try and wait for the next lull in activity. These competitors have put their heart and soul into preparation for their stage time, and leaving in the middle of their showcase would not only be disheartening for them, but you could miss the next champion of our show on stage!

Cheer as Loud as You Can theshow

We think this is the best way to be a rock-star audience member. Our competitors are putting it all on the line, from the NPC physique models who are going for their pro cards to the pole fitness experts bringing some new and exciting fitness methods to their routines. When the rounds end and the competitors are finished, give them all you have. After all, you are there to watch them do this, and you know you want an excuse to scream. Give everyone a wave of positivity and let them know how well they’ve done.

Be Willing to Learn

There are plenty of folks who come to the Ferrigno Legacy Expo as amateur or would-be competitive bodybuilders. This is their first exposure to the limelight and what an exhibition of their hard work would entail. If you are one of these people, you may think you have a grasp on everything before you even get to the FLEXPO. Just remember, there’s a reason the people on stage are actually up there. You get to watch NPC bodybuilders compete for their pro cards, while watching an IFBB show is an actual chance to learn from the pros. You can only gain knowledge and useful things from this experience, and you will be able to apply them to your future physique and bodybuilding show aspirations.

Ferrigno Legacy is the premier bodybuilding and fitness expo in the industry. Whether you are just getting started in bodybuilding competitions or have a passion for the industry and are looking for a way to incorporate fitness into your weekend getaway, our event has something for everyone. Buy your tickets today and get ready for the finest fitness expo in California. We look forward to seeing you!