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It started as a blip on the radar. Many in the know jumped on board on day one, confident with the vision of Center Podium events. Some took the “wait and see” approach and are now scrambling to become part of the event they cannot seem to avoid as it floods their newsfeed and forums.

Hear what everyone is saying!

Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler

Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler

With sponsor waiting lists, new sports promoters banging down our door, SIX IFBB Divisions, never before leveraged ROI tools, the Legion in Long Beach, CA is poised to become the largest Fitness event in the country

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See why these and many more companies have become sponsors of the NPC West Coast, Tahoe Show and Ferrigno Legacy.



ProFight Sports

Swat Fuel

Quest Nutrition

Simply Prepped Nutrition

Icon Muscle

Cutler Athletics

Allmax Nutrition

KR Fitness


Team Inner Strength

Team 4evr Fit

Clark's Nutrition


International Protein

Rhino Rush

Elite Fitness Training

FouFou Makeup

Muscle Egg

Eric the Trainer

Str8 Shredded

Devotion Nutrition

Live Backstage with Carr Cellular Fitness

Our 2016 Title sponsor Dr. John Carr had this to say, “You are going to be wildly successful. Not only because of your effort and innovative ideas but because of your sincerity. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your movement which is going to grow this sport into more than anyone could imagine.”

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