Photos from the 2019 Legion Sports Fest

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We believe our biggest competition is Google and Facebook.

Wait. It’s not other Fitness Expos?

Google and Facebook provide you with an amazing tool so we know that’s our real competition for your marketing dollars.  We make sure the cost per impression is LESS than Google and Facebook by coming to our expo.

  • Reno and Lake Tahoe! Reach the virtually untapped Northern Nevada and Northern California fitness demographic. This is the first fitness expo to focus on the Reno/Tahoe area.  There are 15 million people within a 3 hour drive due to the proximity to San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose and Lake Tahoe!


  • The ultimate fitness demographics. We are a true sports festival with 2,000+ athletes projected for 2020.  Most expos don’t have an IFBB Pro League competition with 6 divisions.  This combined with the United States Muay Thai championship is the ultimate fitness event for marketing.


  • VIP Soiree Event – Effective Networking. We know how hard it is to network with other companies during a busy expo as an exhibitor. That’s why we make it easy for you to create new business relationships during your weekend by hosting a party with adult beverages and appetizers on us  that is private only for sponsors, exhibitors, our Legion of Olympians and invited wholesale and retail contacts.  Our goal is the value of meeting one of these new contacts covers your whole weekend/sponsorship.


  • Reach new customers, not “trick or treaters”. We dial in our event and our media to target the most valuable customers, not just the most bodies. We all know many fitness expos are jammed with “trick or treaters”. They come for free stuff with no plans to buy or become a customer. Our brand, production, programming (Legion Trading Cards and Gold Saturday/Silver Sunday), media, and marketing campaigns get the fitness enthusiasts primed into the learning, shopping, improving, and buying mindset.


For sponsors:

  • Actual conversions. Other events will place a logo. But the problem is that no one clicks logos. We add your logo with a video, profile, and a call to action on our Exclusive Deals page. It brings the customer to a page where you have a sales pitch; an opportunity to present more than just a logo. With your pitch is an exclusive code which allows you to measure your conversion. Now you turned that expo weekend into year-round web traffic.


  • More Impressions. Typical fitness expos sell you a piece of real estate for a day or two. Our sponsors get year-round exposure on the highest ranked sites in the industry. beats every other bodybuilding promoter’s Alexa rank in the United States, ranging from 15,000-25,000 and hangs right with Center Podium to average 25,000-50,000


  • More Touches. Most salespeople know that it takes 7 to 13+ touches to make a sale. This is why we back up your participation with multiple forms of our reach including email campaigns, social media, billboards, online ads, web, print, banners, stage presentation, video, photos, live web stream, eight NPC/IFBB events, and more. When you participate with us, our outreach has helped engage your customers multiple times, priming them to buy.

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We’ve carefully studied the fitness market and with the help of our hundreds of partners, we’ve built it differently to make sure you crush it.  Just like these companies below!

  • “We’re proud to be part of the first ever Legion Sports Festival.  It was a great show and we’re already looking forward to next year!”  – Robbie Cabral, CEO of BenjiLock (as seen on Shark Tank)


  • “I’ve been in the industry a long time and Legion was hands down the best expo I’ve been a part of.  Not only did the employees make us feel like we were a headlining sponsor, but through a connection at their mixer we paid for our trip before the event even started!” – John O’Brien, Unlimited Performance Supplements


  • “You are going to be wildly successful. Not only because of your effort and innovative ideas but because of your sincerity. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your movement which is going to grow this sport into more than anyone could imagine.” – Dr. John Carr, CEO of Carr Cellular Fitness


  • “We sold out on the first day!  Bringing way more next year.” – Armando Sanchez, ANIMAL/Universal Nutrition


  • “Honestly, this is a class organization.  We’re going to be here every year as it continues to grow!” – Jacob Frank, CEO of Global Formulas and 2018 Legion Sports Fest Title Sponsor