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October 24 – 25, 2020

Top Strongman and women will battle for the title of the Legion Sports Fest’s STRONGESTS. Competitors will push themselves to the limits competing in your favorite events such as the Farmer’s Carry + Keg Medley, Log Clean and Press for Reps, Yoke + Tire Flip Medley, Heavy Carr Deadlifts, and Stone Over Bar. Hosted by American Iron Gym and the American Iron Sports Foundation.

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Saturday, October 24

Day 1

NASM Level 1 – Sanctioned Event

Strongman Corporation

National Qualifier

Athletes must have a current NASM Membership to compete in this event

NASM Athlete Membership Link

Legion National Qualifier Day 1

40 athlete spots available!

Sunday, October 25

Day 2

Unsanctioned Amateur Event

Open to All!

Novice Strongman Athletes

Military and First Responder Athletes

American Iron Sports Foundation

Legion Strongman Day 2

40 athlete spots available!

Strongman Events

10:00 AM Start Time Saturday & Sunday

Day 1 Event Weights:

Farmers/Keg Medley 80ft

LW W: 110 –  130

MW W: 130 – 150

HW W: 150 – 170

LW M: 225 – 225

MW M: 250 – 250

HW M: 275 – 275

Log Clean and Press for Reps (Clean each rep)

LW W: 110

MW W: 130

HW W: 150

LW M: 210

MW M: 240

HW M: 260

Yoke + Tire Flip Distance OR Time 50ft

LW W: 350 – 350

MW W: 400 – 500

HW W : 450 -500

LW M: 500-700

MW M: 600-700

HW M: 700-700

Heavy Car Deadlift


LW W: 150

MW W: 170

HW W: 190  


LW M: 225

MW M: 250

HW M: 275

Farmers Carry + Keg Medley: Watch competitors carry the heaviest Grocery Bags imaginable on a time clock, finished with a sprint while holding a weighted Keg unfortunately without the beer!

Log Clean and Press: Ever wanted to know how many times a human could press a massive log over their head? This is your chance. Watch our competitors Clean and Press a Log for reps and a time limit!

Yoke + Tire Flip: The yoke and tire flip event will require competitors to walk with hundreds of pounds on their back and then quickly turn around and flip tires weighing 300,400, 500, and even 700 pounds!

Heavy Car Deadlift: This event is as simple as it sounds, watch our competitors pick up a heavy car over and over and over again!

Stones: The stones are a historical Strongman Event. Picking up a stone weighing hundreds of pounds is a feat many have done for centuries, and we have this event right here in Reno/Sparks!

Weight Classes: (NASM)


Heavy Weight Men’s 300..5 +

300# Class 264.5 – 300.4#

265# Class 231.5 – 264.5#

Men’s Middleweight Men Division

200.5# Class to 231.4#

 175.5# Class to 200.4#

Men’s Lightweight Division

UP TO 150# Class

150.5#  TO 175.4 #

Women’s Heavyweight Women

200.5# Class and Up

 180.5# CLASS TO 200.4#

Middleweight Women’s

 160.5# Class to 180.4#

 140.5# Class to 160.4#

Lightweight Women

 120.5# Class to 140.4#

 Up to 120.4#

Day 2 Event Weights:

Farmers/Keg Medley 80ft

LW W: 90 –  95

MW W: 110 – 100

HW W: 130- 130

LW M: 200 – 200

MW M: 225- 225

HW M: 250 – 250

Log Clean and Press for Reps (Clean each rep)

LW W: 85

MW W: 105

HW W: 135

LW M: 180

MW M: 200

HW M: 220

Yoke + Tire Flip Distance OR Time 50ft

LW W: 225 – 350

MW W: 275 – 350

HW W : 315 -350

LW M: 405-500

MW M: 495-500

HW M: 585-500

Heavy Car Deadlift


LW W: 100

MW W: 120

HW W: 140

LW M: 175

MW M: 200

HW M: 225

American Iron Strongman Powerlfiting Reno Nevada


Schedule & Check-Ins


7:00 – 8:30 AM – Athlete Check-Ins at American Iron Gym
9:30 AM – Events Begin at American Iron Gym


7:00 – 8:30 AM – Athlete Check-Ins at American Iron Gym
9:30 AM – Events Begin at American Iron Gym


We can’t do it without you! Please EMAIL us if you are interested in volunteering to help in any capacity at our local athletic competitions.  (This is a great opportunity for spouses and significant others)! Thank you.

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