The Beauty of Spray Tans

If you know anything about bodybuilders, there are some things that you will find in each and every one of them. They own a great deal of tupperware, protein is their life source (mainly in the form of chicken), and a strict regimen is required in order to achieve that toned, muscular physique. Competitive bodybuilders understand the work that goes into being competition ready, but the look is not complete without a couple things: the perfect posing suit and a spray tan that covers nearly every inch of their body. You might hear spray tan and your mind goes directly to the days of the MTV classic “Jersey Shore,” but it is far more beneficial for the competitors at the Ferrigno Legacy Expo (aka FLEXPO) than making them look good while fist pumping. If you’ve ever wondered why spray tans are a staple in the bodybuilding and physique competition world, you’ve come to the right place. Our competitors know, but for our guests, we’ve compiled a few common reasons that spray tans are beneficial for figure competitors. If you are hoping to compete or would like to attend the FLEXPO, be sure to get your tickets today!

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Defining Muscle (Even More)

When cutting body fat percentages, competitors will go to great lengths to ensure they are at the optimal level of muscle without any fat or water retention preventing the judges and spectators from seeing them. Flexing and posing are going to bring out the definition and cuts of each muscle, but sometimes that won’t be enough to truly show the full extent of a competitor’s physique. Spray tans are a way to highlight muscles without much effort. Darker skin tone shows those cuts our bodybuilders have fought for, while also ensuring that people with differing skin tones all have a fair shake during their competition.

Fighting Those Bright Expo Lights

Illumination is a cornerstone for a fitness expo. Not only do the judges and crowd have to see the competitors, but the lights have to be powerful enough to show off the physiques and posing of the athletes as well. This can mean that a physique gets washed out if the lights are too bright. To combat this, spray tans have become a staple in the fitness and competitive bodybuilding world. Fluorescent lights backstage can make your physique look great, especially with a spray tan, but come time for competition you may look a bit lighter and even less defined on stage. The proper darkness and tone are important to ensure you get the most out of your spray tan and combat those stage lights.

Covering Stretch Marks

First of all, we are big believers in a tiger earning its stripes. Every competitor that gets on stage has run through the gauntlet of competition prep. From the diet to the hours spent in the gym, there is no easy way to become a competitive bodybuilder, much less have the courage to compete in a figure and fitness competition. We also know that the changes in your body composition, from growing muscle to cutting fat, means our bodybuilders will have their fair share of stretch marks. With spray tans, no one is put at a disadvantage if they happen to have a few more tiger stripes than their competitors. While they are absolutely part of the territory, the physique competitions and bodybuilding expos are about showcasing in as flawless of a fashion as possible. Utilizing spray tans to make yourself even more lean, cut, and cover up some stretch marks can only help you improve your score.

Ferrigno Legacy is more than excited for our 2017 show. Our team is working hard to make this our best FLEXPO yet, and we want to see you there! If you are a competitor worried about your spray tan, you don’t need to look any further! We are proud to offer professional tanning services for all of the bodybuilders and figure athletes at the Ferrigno Legacy, so be sure to include that in your purchase when buying your competitor tickets. Ferrigno Legacy is California’s premier bodybuilding, powerlifting, and physique expo, so get ready for the best weekend of the year. We’ll see you soon!