What Can You Learn at a Bodybuilding Expo?

As a spectator at one of the finest bodybuilding expos in the country, the guests at the Ferrigno Legacy Expo are treated not only to a weekend of some of the best booths, sponsors, and events in the country, but the folks who come to California for the FLEXPO are also witness to some of the best athletes and competitors in the sport. Whether you are seeing IFBB pros who have won several competitions, witnessing the first showing of one of the sport’s rising stars, or watching men and women in the powerlifting division move weights you didn’t know were possible, the spectacles are endless. You may think that as a spectator you can’t gain anything and should simply enjoy the show, but any would-be bodybuilder or physique athlete can gain highly useful knowledge at our expo. For our bodybuilders and bikini competitors, watching the pros can provide numerous new ideas and inspiration for a future venture. Today, we’ll examine just a few of the benefits that can be gleaned from watching the stage and how you can use them in your future bodybuilding and physique competitions.


If you played sports at a younger age, you probably heard your coaches and parents stress visualization and what it can do to help your approach on the field. If the pros do something, they probably know it works. There would be no reason for a professional IFBB bodybuilder or physique competitor to use a move or do something on stage that isn’t a norm, so why wouldn’t you take a cue from them? If you have a favorite competitor or you see someone who you think is great at the sport, watching them and their opponents can benefit you down the road. Knowing what works for those who are best in the sport, as well as seeing some alternatives, can give you ideas and a working knowledge when your turn comes around.

Pro Men's Bodybuilding Comparison


Bodybuilding and physique sports are all about the poses and the angles. A competitor may have the best body in the competition, but if they don’t know how to pose and accentuate their muscles, they won’t have a chance at winning. Lifting weights and diet are only part of the intensive preparation that goes into the months leading up to an NPC or IFBB competition. You can’t get away with simply walking on stage and flexing your bicep or calf muscles. Instead, you must be able to do any poses that are required for competition, as well as those that truly highlight your body’s strong points. You may also see a Ferrigno Legacy figure competitor utilizing a pose or an angle you never thought about or saw before. Much like with visualization, seeing what the professionals do can make your routine and posing more effective and ensure you aren’t doing anything that could be detrimental to a score.

Adding Some Flair

It’s never bad to set yourself apart from the pack. Much like 3x Ms. Fitness Olympia Oksana Grishina did with her pole fitness demonstration, a unique or exciting component to an on-stage routine can create a buzz or hype about certain competitors. Adding an x-factor to a competition can make all the difference. Maybe you are wondering what exactly you can do to separate yourself from the things that have already been done on stage, which is why watching the professionals do what they do best can help. Not only can you avoid being a copycat, but you may find inspiration among the competitors.


We love networking here at Ferrigno Legacy. It’s why we have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful companies and individuals who sponsor and compete at our event annual and why our base grows every year. When you come to the FLEXPO, you will be surrounded by powerlifting and bodybuilding enthusiasts, fitness sponsors and elite companies, and industry professionals. You will be able to pick their brains and find your niche in the industry, making some invaluable connections along the way.

When the time comes for you to compete or attend a bodybuilding expo, come to California and experience the Ferrigno Legacy for yourself. An entire weekend filled with the best physique and bikini competitors in the sport, as well as leaders in the supplement and weightlifting industry, can only be beneficial for those of you who hope to compete or work in the field. Get your tickets to Ferrigno Legacy today and we’ll see you in California!

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