What is a Training Split

The competitors, spectators, and sponsors of the Ferrigno Legacy Expo (or, as we call it, FLEXPO) are all familiar with the competitive world of bodybuilding and fitness competitions. We also know how much time, hard work, and dedication go into sculpting the physique of a Greek god, from the diet and tracking of macronutrients to ensuring supplementation is optimal, not to mention the strenuous hours spent in the gym. The iron is a large contributor to the figure and bikini models we host here during the FLEXPO, but if you are new to bodybuilding or looking for a reboot in your weightlifting regimen, the first step is to develop a training split. Today, we’ll look at just what makes a quality training split and when might be a good time to consider making a change to yours.

Weightlifting Separation

If you are just starting in bodybuilding, the term “split” may only have applied to bananas and ice cream before. Now, however, it takes on a whole new meaning. Before you run to the gym and start curling 100lb dumbbells, take a step back and think of how to get the most out of your trip. A training split is a plan that divides your workouts by body part and by day, indicating which day of the week you will work which muscle or muscles. This also helps make sure you don’t overdo it when first starting or switching your routine and gives each group of muscles time to recover. As many of you seasoned bodybuilders and physique competitors are aware, there are countless combinations a weightlifter can utilize when creating a split, including using contrasting or complementary muscle groups each day. Another solution, if you have the time, is completing two-a-days with fasted cardio in the morning and a lifting session in the evening is also a great way for the experienced figure and physique competitors to prepare for a competition.

When to Mix it Up

  • Boredom: If you are dreading going to the gym or are simply going through the motions when you workout, your current split might have run its course. Rather than subjugating yourself to a misery lift every session, starting the following week with a new split can not only be beneficial for your body, but also for your mentality. A new split means you have to develop a new approach, ensuring engagement and focus.
  • Plateaus: Bodybuilders, sprinters, archers, and every other athlete has run into a wall when it comes to making advances and progressing in their sport. This is often referred to as a plateau because there is no upward progress but instead you are staying in the same place, whether it is the weight on a certain exercise, body fat measurements, or another aspect of your fitness regimen. Rather than becoming discouraged, a change in routine can refire the body in a different way and jump start your progress.

We want everyone to feel as though they can obtain their goals, and Ferrigno Legacy is here to help, inspire, and motivate. Competitors and spectators alike should all come to the 2017 Ferrigno Legacy Expo and see what makes us the best physique and figure bodybuilding show not just in California, but in the country. Get your tickets or sign up to compete today!