Who Comes to Ferrigno Legacy?

Imagine taking your passion for bodybuilding and having the chance to plan a vacation around it. A trip to Ferrigno Legacy is not only a great trip for a long weekend, but also a destination for people from all walks of life who come together through fitness. If you’ve never been to an event like ours, you may be wondering the type of crowd you will be a part of when you land in California for the premier physique and weightlifting competition of the year. Ferrigno Legacy is excited to welcome anyone and everyone to our event, but you are likely to find a certain type of person here.

Competitive Bodybuilders and Powerlifters

The cream of our event’s crop is the group of competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters who come to showcase their skills among the best of the best. These men and women are the reason we are excited to plan the Ferrigno Legacy every year. As a budding sports in the United States, bodybuilding and fitness competitions, as well as powerlifting events, need to be conducted properly and professionally. Competitors deserve an atmosphere that promotes success and camaraderie, which is one of the goals of Ferrigno Legacy. You will find more competitors than you imagined when you come to these events. From NPC bikini and physique athletes to our IFBB pros and world-class powerlifters, you’ll be amazed at the people you can meet throughout the event.

Fans of the Sport

These competitions are not just for the competitors. Surely, flexing or lifting to a room of only competition and family is good, but it’s better on a stage, surrounded by thousands of screaming fans. Whether you are new to the sport, have been competing on the smaller stage, or are simply interested in bodybuilding shows or powerlifting competition, Ferrigno Legacy is open to anyone and everyone. If you want to see how the seasoned veterans do it or you need some inspiration to rekindle the fire, this is the event for any fan. Great companies and booths, amazing people, and a wonderful setting are what make this event stand out to our attendees.


The fitness family is growing more and more each year, and any chance for everyone to come together leads to an exciting time. We are proud to partner with over 25 of the premier supplement and fitness companies in the business. Every year we expand and grow our sponsorships as we are lucky enough to have more and more interest after each event. When you come to Ferrigno Legacy, you will be inundated with samples, apparel, new supplements, and items you know and love, as well as the newer companies that are ready to prove their own. Every event is a chance for us to partner with more companies and groups that believe in what we do here at Ferrigno Legacy, and we love hearing new proposals from incoming sponsors. Trust us, there will be so many unique and exciting brands that any visitor will find a company they love.

Ferrigno Legacy is more than a bodybuilding and powerlifting competition, it is an event. From new attendees to sponsors and budding fitness companies, we want to see everyone come and enjoy the show. Be sure to stay tuned for updates for the 2017 event. We can’t wait to see you in California!